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Welcome to Happy Tails!

We are a friendly and reliable pet services specialist based in the West End of Glasgow. Primarily a dog walking service, we are happy to offer a tailored and flexible approach to meet your pets needs.  We are here to give you piece of mind and to take the strain out of your pet care requirements.

We will make sure your pets are lovingly looked after, tails wagging, ready to welcome you home at the end of your day. The happiness, welfare and comfort of your pets is our number one priority.

It’s important to us that we establish a relationship with your pet and all dogs will be walked on the lead initially until we feel we have built up a rapport and can trust that they will respond to recall.

In our initial consultation we will discuss the needs of your pets and will come up with a solution that suits you, that’s why we’re here.



We are happy to discuss any pet requirements you have ranging from feeding the fish to walking the dogs, talking to the parrot to cleaning out the litter tray.

Early morning, evening and weekend walks or visits can be made by arrangement.

We are fully insured and have been checked by Disclosure Scotland.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Our Services


Group Dog Walks - £9 AN HOUR

We will walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any one time. Once trust is established your dog will be allowed off the lead but can be kept on the lead at the owner's request.

Any dog in season will not be allowed on the group walks but other arrangements can be made during this time. 

All dogs are also required to be up to date with immunisations. 

Private Dog Walks - £8 PER 30MINS

One on one walks for dogs that like their own company.

Dog / Puppy Home Visit – £8 PER 30 MINS

Includes short playtime and cuddles in the comfort of their own home, fresh water and food replenished and any mess cleaned up.
Primarily for puppies or older dogs.


Cat Home Visit - £7 PER 20 MINS

Includes playtime, fresh water and food replenishment and any mess cleared up.

Other Services 

Going on holiday? Not a problem, we will take care of everything!  Feed Fish, Hamsters or Rabbits etc. -  £5

Early morning, evening or weekend requirements are available on request.

For any other services missing from the list, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss!

We’ll make sure your pets are well looked after and their tails are wagging
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