Our Services


Group Dog Walks - £9 an hour

We will walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any one time. Once trust is established your dog will be allowed off the lead but can be kept on the lead at the owner's request.

Any dog in season will not be allowed on the group walks but other arrangements can be made during this time. 

All dogs are also required to be up to date with immunisations. 

Private Dog Walks - £8 per 30mins

One on one walk for dogs that maybe like their own company.

Dog / Puppy Home Visit – £8 per 30 mins

Includes short playtime and cuddles in the comfort of their own garden, fresh water and food replenished and any mess cleaned up.
Primarily for puppies or older dogs.

Cat Home Visit - £7 per 20 mins

Includes playtime, fresh water and food replenishment and any mess cleared up.

Other Services 

Going on holiday? Not a problem, we will take care of everything! 

Feed Fish, Hamsters or Rabbits etc. -  £5 

Early morning, evening or weekend requirements are available on request.

For any other services missing from the list, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss!


We’ll make sure your pets are well looked after and their tails are wagging